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Under 27?


We try to encourage young members and owners of the Austin A30 and A35 to join us. Recently we have created the post of Young Members Registrar as the main contact point inside the club, although the rest of the Committee are also more than happy to assist.

Being able to perform your own repairs and maintaining a car is becoming less common, and more difficult as new cars are far more technical with many problems only identified with the aid of a computer (or becoming more common a smartphone!).

But classics are simpler and maintenance, with the right tools and a willingness to learn, should not be beyond most able people. With the wealth of knowledge available to you via the existing club members, many of whom have owned an A30 or A35 for longer than some of you have been born, that knowledge is easily passed on. So if you get stuck, where better to come to for help and advise.

Social media is becoming the more preferred option and the Young Members have their own Facebook page (link in right menu), but there is also a wealth of knowledge on this Club Web Site and its associated forum, and often more easily located.

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