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Accessible Classics - Austin A30/A35

Kim Henson's new book gives a detailed insight into the unique character, driving appeal and practicality of the A30 & A35 for use in real world conditions in the 21st Century, with a wealth of specific information covering purchasing, maintenance, specific MoT test requirements as they relate to the A30/A35, rust proofing, using and enjoying the cars. Written from a practical point of view by someone with years of experience of ownership, and with assistance from other long-term enthusiasts, this new book contains a great deal of fascinating information believed never to have been previously published

For further details and to order visit www.classic-car-books.co.uk

Workshop Manual

This is the original Workshop Manual produced by the manufacturer. Still available at auto jumbles it contains most of the information required by a skilled mechanic for Austin maintenance. Whilst later publications contain more 'how to' details and probably more accurate information on techniques it is still a must for the collector.


This is the original Owners Handbook and contains instructions for those periodic maintenance tasks such as brakes, bodywork etc and of course the 'running in' requirements for your new A30/A35. This handbook can still be found quite cheaply at auto jumbles and with dealers.


For the most recent news of spares, cars/items for sale, show information, technical articles and the adventures of Austin owners you need the two club magazines; Spotlight and Sidelights. These are delivered direct to your door as a member of the Owners Club.

Spares Guide

This booklet is free to club members and contains a wealth of information about original features, restoration information, original specifications and chapters on the main areas of maintenance. Importantly there is a spares buying section listing those hard to find part numbers of original and modern replacement parts for when you are searching auto jumbles or dealers.

Haynes Manual

The original Haynes manual builds on the Austin workshop manual. This manual provides a greater amount of detail than the Austin book, although there are some well known errors made by Haynes. The Haynes guide can be found easily and cheaply at most auto jumbles.

Super Profile

The Super Profile is by Kim Henson and provides an excellent source of original magazines road tests and historical information.


"A30 and A35 and A40 FARINA" by Kenneth Ball. Owners workshop manual.

baby Austins

Baby Austins by Barney Sharratt is a well sought after classic book and in demand when found